Don’t slip!

Banana peel

They say that approximately 75% of what we taste is actually based on smell. City Bakery’s Banana Peel hot chocolate (Saturday’s flavor) had a distinct banana peel smell. It’s interesting because I couldn’t previously have told you what the difference between the smell of the actual fruit and its peel would be, but when I smelled the chocolate, it was definitely banana peel and not banana. The flavor went well with the chocolate and I really enjoyed it because it didn’t disappear after the second sip, which is a common problem with the festival’s flavors. It’s mainly due to the smell though; Raymond and I joked that they probably used regular chocolate and sprayed it with banana smell, or that they should just serve the regular chocolate and hand out banana peels to smell as you drink it. Or they could serve regular chocolate in a hollowed out banana peel!

Final verdict: great flavor, but espresso is still my favorite.

Today is Superbowl Chocolate!

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