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The grand tour

Another highlight of my trip: eating dim sum with my Aunt Rebecca. We ate shark’s fin soup while she laughed hysterically remembering the time that my mom and dad came to visit and drank milk with lunch, “just like baby!!!!!” … Continue reading

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Hong Kong wants you to know how clean it is.

Hong Kong and Singapore are two of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been in, but they also rival each other for the sheer number and topics covered when it comes to PSAs. Warnings about dengue fever are how I learned … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Superstar Tutors

A few weeks before I left on my recent trip to Asia, a friend told me about the superstar tutors of Hong Kong. (Then when I saw that Slate reported on it, I knew I was years behind the curve.) … Continue reading

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Collect skin

I was checking store locations for Giordano Concepts (and G2000 for Raymond’s slim man workwear) and came across this jaunty man in his U GUT I GUT t-shirt. And then I noticed the word bubbles behind him and thought … … Continue reading

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The Validity of Chinese Traditions

China’s a big country, so it makes sense that there would be variations in holiday traditions, but every New Year I feel like each of my friends has a different idea of how to celebrate the holiday. I just told … Continue reading

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