Jesus is watching you.

First I saw this awesome Jesus watch on a marketer at Refinery 29:

jesus watch 2

Then I was clicking through a slideshow of detail shots from Paris Fashion Week at NY Mag’s The Cut:

jesus watch

What’s going on here? Is the Jesus watch a trend? Because I love it! After I saw the first one, I made a mental note to search for it on Ebay but got distracted, and later I just thought, “Well, how many Jesus watches can there be, anyway?” Turns out: A LOT.

So is this a thing now? I’m going to make it official and call it a thing.

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The grand tour

Another highlight of my trip: eating dim sum with my Aunt Rebecca. We ate shark’s fin soup while she laughed hysterically remembering the time that my mom and dad came to visit and drank milk with lunch, “just like baby!!!!!”


After lunch, we went on a tour of empty restaurants and bars in high places, looking to see which one had the best view. This picture was taken in the hallway in a rooftop bar in Tsim Sha Tsui. Aunt Rebecca always gives the best small gifts, which is how I ended up going home with “Glaring Bright” pink lipgloss and a big box of dried noodle packets in my suitcase. They remind me of the time I was living in a village/tiny city in northern China and my white grandma sent me a care package full of ramen noodle packages.

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Hong Kong wants you to know how clean it is.

Hong Kong and Singapore are two of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been in, but they also rival each other for the sheer number and topics covered when it comes to PSAs. Warnings about dengue fever are how I learned that mosquitos are attracted to dark colors, and that hoarding will lead to your entire house burning down while you stand in your dim, crowded living room yelling “Aiya! Aiya!” and cradling your stubbed toe.

Things you don’t need to be afraid of anymore: holding the handrail, pushing elevator buttons, or touching door handles.



The second picture was taken in an elevator while on a tour of empty restaurants with great views with one of my aunties. I was stopped when I tried to take a picture of another handle that was sanitized eight times a day. Eight times!

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My current favorite song

Jerry Lee Lewis and B.B. King, Before the Night Is Over.

I dream of singing this at karaoke.

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Hong Kong Superstar Tutors

A few weeks before I left on my recent trip to Asia, a friend told me about the superstar tutors of Hong Kong. (Then when I saw that Slate reported on it, I knew I was years behind the curve.) I didn’t realize just how pervasive the phenomenon was though, until I got to HK, stepped into the train and then out, and took all of these photos within a 5 minute stretch.





I’ve always heard that the best way to learn a language is to get a girl/boyfriend, but in lieu of that I guess a major “idol” crush will do just fine.

I don’t know if you can make it out on the picture, but Joseph Li is “often held up as Exam Prophet.” I think it’s gone to his head though. Head/hair.

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Collect skin


I was checking store locations for Giordano Concepts (and G2000 for Raymond’s slim man workwear) and came across this jaunty man in his U GUT I GUT t-shirt. And then I noticed the word bubbles behind him and thought … WTF! Collect skin! Sounds so gory! A friend theorized that it might mean ‘to high five.’ I was picturing something more Austin Powers.

Luckily, Urban Dictionary translated for me. It means ‘sau pei’!!! Now it all becomes clear, right? That means ‘shut up’ in Cantonese slang! I know that phrase in Cantonese but I never read or wrote it, or even thought about translating it. When I first went to Hong Kong, there were all kinds of phrases that I learned, used, and never dissected. Cantonese slang is famous for being extensive, pervasive, and quick to change. ‘Pok gai’ goes from ‘fall on the street’, to ‘I hope you die on the street’ to ‘bastard’ in a matter of weeks!

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The effects of Hurricane Irene


Thanks, Irene, for delaying my Outnet shipment an ENTIRE DAY.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual post-Irene. The subways were closed on the weekend, but unfortunately everything was back up and running on Monday morning. We were told to expect delays, so I left an hour before normal and ended up being an hour and a half early for work. A lot of people stayed home from work so the commute was actually shorter than usual.

In other news, I’m off to Asia on Thursday! Can’t wait to get my Fei Yue’s, my fancy pottery, and a bunch of fabric to sew!

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Lanvin’s fall campaign video

Dance like no one is watching. Let this be the only time I ever speak those words.

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Curtains match the carpets

Apparently temporary tooth tattoos/decals are popular in Japan now!

cute teeth

cute teeth
via Japan Trends

Kind of a light and trendy version of body modification. Here’s the other end of the spectrum:

donut head from Bizarre Magazine
via Sun Times

Donut/bagel head. A few years ago, people started filling their heads up with saline to make these crazy shapes! It gets absorbed by your body after a few hours so it’s not permanent. Vice just did a piece on it a few months ago so there are tons more pics on the web now, if you are so inclined.

BTW I think I should go to Japan to be a model, because they love the H-Asians (half Asians)!

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Sigh of relief!

Cafe Zaiya is back! Maybe I’ll celebrate by eating carbs, i.e. leaf pies.

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