So sweet and so juicy

I just recently discovered the most awesome juice brand, Ralph and Charlie’s!

ralph and charlie's

They have so many tasty and interesting fruit combinations, like green apple, pineapple and kiwi; guava, orange and banana; carrot, orange and banana, etc. The packaging is so cute, and they’re made in Brooklyn! If only juice wasn’t an endless source of sugar and carbs…..

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Project Accessory: someone was robbed!

brian burkhart

I’m not sure who should have won, but I do know that Brian was my ABSOLUTE last choice for the winner. I hated every thing he made, from those chunky, unflattering wedges to that unicorn horn bulky clutch, to that milky icicle bib necklace thing. The final challenge items were the least offensive, I’ll say that, but otherwise I was absolutely horrified by how messy and chunky and completely hideous everything he made was. I rarely say such mean things on the blog, but it has to be said. I don’t care what Alexa Chung thinks, this is not cool (and for sure not worth $300)!


I don’t know why, but for some reason I imagine these shoes weighing hundreds of pounds, like whoever is wearing them is being murdered by the mob and their corpse is being disposed of. Wouldn’t that be horrible? It’s just adding insult to injury. And then you’d be discovered and you couldn’t defend yourself! People would think that you DRESSED like that!


The frozen milk necklace. I can’t imagine ever wanting to wear a bug covered in Wite-out with plastic icicles coming out of its butt. It’s one of those conversation pieces where it’s just so loud and out-there that people feel they have to comment on it, because clearly the only reason anyone would wear it is so that other people will ask about it. “Yes, it’s really more of an art piece than a piece of jewelry, it’s just so unique and really makes a statement, oh no, it’s one-of-a-kind, it wouldn’t matter even if I told you where I got it,” etc.


I’m not necessarily saying that Nina or Rich should have won, because Nina’s stuff is beautiful and wearable and awesome but not innovative, and Rich had cool stuff but only when he was in his element (dark, moody, metallic, bugs). I actually liked Christina the best, although she did do poorly in the challenge that she lost.

all pics via

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How did I miss this???

Cambridge Satchel collaborated with Comme des Garcons, and somehow it slipped past me!

cambridge satchel

cambridge satchel

I don’t love the metallics (they also have a brown and a matte white) but I do love the new handles! I’m still aching for a fluoro though; if only they still sold them somewhere I can redeem my credit card points (Bloomingdale’s, I’m looking at you!). The Bloomingdale’s special edition blue neon bag sold out so fast, and I’m so sad I missed it!

cambridge satchel

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Choose your own adventure

Now this is the kind of choose your own adventure book I would have liked when I was a kid!

madewell video

Madewell’s new video lets you make choices about what style you want and shows the models dressing up in whatever you chose! So fun! Click on over and try it; and they’re still having 30% extra off sale items if you’re feeling shoppy.

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The Real Chicks of Central Park (Zoo)

I work for a nonprofit, so when I see other nonprofits asking for money, I generally just evaluate their methods to see what I can borrow (ahem). But these baby penguin chicks are so adorable that I totally got a chick magnet for Raymond!

I’m not sure who I love more, the chicks or Juan.

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Look at your cat

…now back to me.

If it weren’t for Hulu, I’d miss out on everything!

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Once I met Ryan Gosling…

drive review

…and yes, he’s cute in real life. Nice too, which made it even more disturbing to watch him stomp on a man’s head in the corner of an elevator in Drive. Yeesh.

Tom directed me to this awesomely hilarious illustrated response/review of the movie, and it pretty much sums up my thoughts on it as well, although I sort of disagree with Carey Mulligan as Serene Pixie Dream Girl (see MPDG). She’s more of the female archetype that puts herself in very dangerous/violent situations while quietly and meaningfully emoting her dislike of dangerous/violent situations.

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I don’t want to grow up…

I picked up the new Jcrew catalog this weekend, and I only want to wear the kids’ clothes!


Pretty color schemes, comfy-looking clothes! I think I can knit the sweater dress.


I hope my future daughter is this cute. In the meantime, I really want to wear casual sequins and star-print dresses. You can’t see it in the pic, but she’s wearing the outfit with desert boots (which I have, naturally)!


Once again, future baby and style icon. I’ve been wanting that overnight duffle bag for awhile (monogrammed, of course).


The outfit on the left is the only women’s version I was really into, and I love that there’s a child’s version that’s almost the same except for the colors. I’ll do a combo of the two with my navy coat and some neon arm warmers!

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Finger it!

I’m sorry, somehow I left off the best product of all on Connect Design: finger sticky notes!

finger postits

finger postits

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I need these.

I don’t know who’s behind Connect Design from Korea, but whoever they are, they’ve seen inside my mind. I want so many things on their site! I need my planner to be combined with my watch:


watchdiary 2

I need my mugs to have animal tails:

tail mugs

And I really need 1. an iPhone 4 and 2. this kit to customize my own case!

DIY case copy

And I need to be able to not only tell people what time it is, but show them without having to cramp my arm.


So cool!

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