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Cafe Zaiya, wtf!!!

via Midtown Lunch Cafe Zaiya, how could you do this to me? Where am I going to get my leaf pies now? Apparently they were closed today because of nonpayment of taxes. Midtown Lunch called for more info and they … Continue reading

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Damn you, Google

What will it be? Will it be fun? This Google Offers video is so sweet and catchy, and (might I add) totally false. I just got my first Google Offer in the email and it’s 50% off at Pommes Frites. … Continue reading

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The Writing Process

Ed Yong’s diagram of the writing process is so depressingly accurate. And also adorably nerdy and British. I’m American! I don’t “piss about” unless I’m actually pissing about, which I’m happy to say I’ve never done. Even when drunk. Also, … Continue reading

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I’m the dog.

And life is the cat.

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Max Fish is closing!!!

Max Fish is closing due to high rent! The NY Times article does a great job of summing up how significant this bar is and how much it sucks that it has to close. Personally I never go in because … Continue reading

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Happy weekend!

Seen before brunch at Rosewater Restaurant, which was a thoroughly disappointing experience. There was a string in the pork sandwich Rosa got, and the manager’s response was, “Oh, we use that to cook the pork. We’re usually good at making … Continue reading

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Possibly the worst thing about leggings/jeggings/treggings: YOU CAN’T TELL WHEN YOU GET FAT. 😦

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