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Curtains match the carpets

Apparently temporary tooth tattoos/decals are popular in Japan now! via Japan Trends Kind of a light and trendy version of body modification. Here’s the other end of the spectrum: via Sun Times Donut/bagel head. A few years ago, people started … Continue reading

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Damn you, Google

What will it be? Will it be fun? This Google Offers video is so sweet and catchy, and (might I add) totally false. I just got my first Google Offer in the email and it’s 50% off at Pommes Frites. … Continue reading

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A bucket of chicken.

I don’t know why I even bother trying to write fiction. Real life is so much more interesting. nicole:  hahahaha lol nothing surprises me anymore we had a patient i didn’t take care of her but she was SOOO big … Continue reading

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Baja fresh

Why would this happen?!?!?!? original pic via Refinery 29 After years of suffering through the popularity of bajas in junior high, why would anyone advocate bringing them back? Did you wear one? I didn’t! But I did love the Mexican … Continue reading

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One day they will have turbans in Target…

  me:  dude
that lady in the pic looked so creepy i so don’t want a turban if i’m going to look all new agey like i sold my soul to have the soft skin of a baby for life nicole: … Continue reading

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Ode to My Father

Dear Daddy, thank you for making me help you around the house all the time. I’m thinking specifically of that time I was about 12 and I lost one of my hard contacts down the kitchen sink and we sat … Continue reading

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Spring is coming…

Which means it’s time to SHOP. Did you know that Leifsdottir makes shoes? 1. OOH, PRETTY This isn’t my favorite colorway of this shoe but the shot is gorgeous! Wildflowers! Clear plastic box! I can see them growing from the … Continue reading

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I do NOT know what happened during this photo shoot for W‘s “Best Performances” spread, but wow. And why? But wow. If they had put on a bit of pale foundation, this would have been an awesome funny-fat-guy-as-sexy-vampire shot. This … Continue reading

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Quarters in the bellybutton

Ben, stop sending me this crap. I feel the need to make the rest of you suffer along with me.

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Happy weekend!

Seen before brunch at Rosewater Restaurant, which was a thoroughly disappointing experience. There was a string in the pork sandwich Rosa got, and the manager’s response was, “Oh, we use that to cook the pork. We’re usually good at making … Continue reading

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