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So sweet and so juicy

I just recently discovered the most awesome juice brand, Ralph and Charlie’s! They have so many tasty and interesting fruit combinations, like green apple, pineapple and kiwi; guava, orange and banana; carrot, orange and banana, etc. The packaging is so … Continue reading

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Project Accessory: someone was robbed!

I’m not sure who should have won, but I do know that Brian was my ABSOLUTE last choice for the winner. I hated every thing he made, from those chunky, unflattering wedges to that unicorn horn bulky clutch, to that … Continue reading

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How did I miss this???

Cambridge Satchel collaborated with Comme des Garcons, and somehow it slipped past me! I don’t love the metallics (they also have a brown and a matte white) but I do love the new handles! I’m still aching for a fluoro … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure

Now this is the kind of choose your own adventure book I would have liked when I was a kid! Madewell’s new video lets you make choices about what style you want and shows the models dressing up in whatever … Continue reading

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The Real Chicks of Central Park (Zoo)

I work for a nonprofit, so when I see other nonprofits asking for money, I generally just evaluate their methods to see what I can borrow (ahem). But these baby penguin chicks are so adorable that I totally got a … Continue reading

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Look at your cat

…now back to me. If it weren’t for Hulu, I’d miss out on everything!

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Once I met Ryan Gosling…

…and yes, he’s cute in real life. Nice too, which made it even more disturbing to watch him stomp on a man’s head in the corner of an elevator in Drive. Yeesh. Tom directed me to this awesomely hilarious illustrated … Continue reading

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I don’t want to grow up…

I picked up the new Jcrew catalog this weekend, and I only want to wear the kids’ clothes! Pretty color schemes, comfy-looking clothes! I think I can knit the sweater dress. I hope my future daughter is this cute. In … Continue reading

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Finger it!

I’m sorry, somehow I left off the best product of all on Connect Design: finger sticky notes!

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I need these.

I don’t know who’s behind Connect Design from Korea, but whoever they are, they’ve seen inside my mind. I want so many things on their site! I need my planner to be combined with my watch: I need my mugs … Continue reading

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