One man’s treasure is another man’s…


Is that how it goes?

City Bakery’s annual Hot Chocolate Festival kicked off last night with Sunken Treasures, a flavor I hadn’t seen in previous years. For those new to the event, City Bakery is famous for their thick hot chocolate, and every year in February they host a festival where they feature a different flavor each day. Raymond and I went Wednesday night to sample the Sunken Treasures, and my final verdict: TOTAL RIPOFF.

Not to be harsh, but Sunken Treasures wasn’t even worth the trip. It was basically the regular hot chocolate poured over a couple of Werther’s Originals and a piece of dark chocolate, or as they put it, “On the bottom of the Hot Chocolate Ocean, there’s a chocolate pearl, toffee gold bars and caramel coral.” The first problem was that they didn’t offer the special flavor in the small tasting size, so you’re forced to buy the full-sized bowl. The regular hot chocolate is so thick it’s like drinking warm chocolate pudding with a buttery aftertaste, so it’s almost impossible (except for true fans) to drink the whole bowl.

But the main problem with the flavor is that the hard candies and chocolate take so long to melt that if you were to wait for them, your chocolate would be ice cold. If you drink without them, it’s the same as having the regular hot chocolate and then candy for dessert. There was no chance for the flavors to meld and mingle, which is what I imagine the best part of the Sunken Treasures flavor was supposed to be.

A blurry phone pic of a half-eaten Pretzel Croissant (AMAZING) and a “treasure”:

city bakery pretzel croissant

Not sure how well you can see it, but here’s a shot of the little bits of the candies melting and threads of them being stirred to the top:

sunken treasures hot chocolate

Thursday: Espresso!

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