Give me a head with HAIR.

This blog is about to be hijacked by beauty info, because I just got my Sasa order in and I can’t wait to talk about my Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara and remover! And BB cream and stem cell lotion!

In the meantime, check out this wig pamphlet that came with my Sasa order.


“Huh, weird, those girls don’t look like they’re wearing wigs at all!”


“Pretty cute! So Japanese, with the voluminous curled-under bobs!”


“Huh. Ok.”


And finally, a close-up look at the back page where you can see samples of each of the hair colors that the wigs are offered in. Asians love to dye their hair all manner of shades of brown, with such subtle differences that you would never have imagined there could BE so many browns. Including the awesomely named “Congo Brown” and “Latino Brown.” IDK, personally I would have thought Congo Brown would be darker? And Latino Brown, I have no idea about. I’m not even going to attempt a comment.

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