This is dedication.

Agata Oleksiak crocheted her entire house.

Agata Oleksiak

Agata Oleksiak

Agata Oleksiak

Agata Oleksiak

images via NY Mag

The TV is my favorite, because you can see the screen peeking out in dull, hard black and white from underneath the soft riot of color that almost covers it. She says the phrases on the walls are texts from former lovers; I can’t imagine really wanting to be reminded of them enough to see them every day, although some of them are definitely good enough to be immortalized.

I don’t think I’ve personally gotten any texts interesting enough to stand alone; it’s all about context.

Would you be interested in hanging out again?

From a guy I dated for about two weeks, sent at least eight months after the last time we texted. The message before that was a multi-text rant about how immature I am and how I should have a nice life, and anyway all he ever wanted was sex. So, no. Not really interested.

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One Response to This is dedication.

  1. Raymond says:

    i would definitely not be able to live in that house. its like a never-ending acid trip. but i love the texts. my favorite: “ur pussy is my soul mate”

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