Jcrew Fall 2011

Can you guess the song for each lyric/caption?



Ever since I watched that one episode of Gossip Girl, I’ve been obsessed with brightly colored bottoms, especially the pink shorts Blair wears at W Magazine.


I love the combination of blues/greens in the first pic. The cobalt necklace with the light/sky blue sweater and the dark, muted teal trench. I also love the rich camel with the light blue in the second pic, although I’m wondering how good the outfit will look when the coat’s off and you’re left with the blue/gray chambray and the bright/light blue pants.


Fuschia looks good with anything! As if I had to say it. And I love the robin’s egg blue pumps with the orange outfit!


The ladylike rock and roll details on these sort of push them over the edge! Leather sleeves on a sweater is something I’ve been wanting to knit/sew for awhile. I’m not sure about those stripey leggings though. What happens when you take off the smock?


I love the 70s career girl/news reporter look! I’m actually already knitting something like that gray sweater.



Especially if the britches are as big and ill-fitting as these are. Pairing heels with oversized cargo pants doesn’t necessarily make them chic! The color combo on the right is gorgeous, and it’s ruined by the diaper the model looks like she’s wearing under those awful high-waisted, pleated, tapered pants.


This poor girl on the right never gets to look good! If models look like this in these outfits, what are we normal people going to look like? Our first-grade teachers, that’s who. Hi Mrs. Kinley (my favorite elementary school teacher)! Or I guess more specifically, we’re going to look like that other fifth-grade teacher we were so relieved we never had because we heard she was so mean and then one day she had gastric bypass surgery and she went from whale size to tee-niny, but with all these folds of skin everywhere. Hi! I won’t say her name because that’s mean.

See the rest here!

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