Spring is coming…

Which means it’s time to SHOP. Did you know that Leifsdottir makes shoes?


leifsdottir shoes

This isn’t my favorite colorway of this shoe but the shot is gorgeous! Wildflowers! Clear plastic box! I can see them growing from the dirt, taking nutrients from the icky crappy stuff around and creating something beautiful. So inspirational, haha.

leifsdottir shoes

This shot I’m not so sure about. The whole series began with this one and was sort of dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, dusk, night. This one is dawn so I guess that’s sort of a mist or something covering part of the moss, but it seems more swampy than romantic to me. Anyway I still love the shoe.

More to love:

leifsdottir shoes

Ilona heels. This is the colorway I love of the first shoe. It’s so spring! I love black and white (with pops of color) for my clothes, but for some reason I really dislike most black and white shoes. I’m always in search of the perfect neutral heels though. I’m not sure why, since I almost never wear heels, but it’s a quest of mine. In my dreams, I find the perfect ones and wear them every day, in a total change of look and lifestyle.

leifsdottir shoes

Lotta flats. I actually just bought a very similar shoe on sale for $25 at my local Naturalizer. Can I just say they have the absolute worst inventory system ever?

2. UM, EW

leifsdottir shoes

I actually do kind of like this shoe in theory, but in practice I’m not sure how it would work. I have a hard enough time walking around in flats and not tripping; do we really need to take away the part of the heel that supports me? Also, I love feathers, beads, snakeskin and cage shoes, but I’m not sure how much I love them together. They’d be amazing with just the right outfit, but I don’t know if I own anything other than plain black that I could wear these with. Will they go with today’s nautical Parisian look? Actually… maybe. Ok I love them, I take it back.

Next, Jcrew Spring 2011.


jcrew spring 2011

Love the monochrome tidily messy bagginess. Don’t love the way her feet disappear.

jcrew spring 2011

I might knit this sweater! (I might already be knitting this sweater. I have a lot of unfinished ones on the needles.)

jcrew spring 2011

I am so going to experiment with stitch patterns so I can knit this! Also love the Uniqlo version.

jcrew spring 2011

Again, loving the monochrome and the way it goes from light to dark, top to bottom. Also, I’ve decided that shorts are going to be my new thing, year-round.

jcrew spring 2011

I LOVE these shorts. Or I did, until I saw somewhere else that they’re Jcrew Collection and made of a very beautiful silk and are $400. The sweater I love too, but I think I can just get one and then put in the studs by myself.

jcrew spring 2011

Again with the monochrome! Love it! Not so much the shoes, but I love the neatly sloppy look of a sweatshirt over a button up (or button down, depending on what region you grew up in).

2. UM, EW.

jcrew spring 2011

I do not know what happened here. Suddenly monochrome seems like the worst idea ever, second only to the time I thought, “Sure, I can do a cartwheel.” If you want to make sporty look cute, you should put a baseball cap on a girl with hair, and without strong sporty shoulders. I think this girl would look way better in something more feminine, whether strong or flirty. And I know socks with heels are the thing, but socks with expensive sandals is still socks with sandals.

jcrew spring 2011

I feel like I’m looking at an optical illusion where this girl’s torso and arms have been made 20% bigger and her legs are still the same. How did they manage to make them look so short? Aren’t those heels? Don’t they know that the rule of the black ankle boot/bootie with the pale untight-ed leg is to show more leg, not less? (or way less, like a couple inches of ankle, tops)

More cute spring stuff coming up!

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2 Responses to Spring is coming…

  1. I like some of the shoes that the models are wearing – those summery boots look good to me.
    Never go for very very long trousers – they get dirty almost as soon as you’ve left the house.
    I am seriously worried by the cropped trouser/striped top combo. I’m waiting for a pair of crops to arrive in the post. I hope that mine are slim-fitted (as on the web page). If they look like the ones you’ve shown here they’re going straight back.

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