Shopping frugally

I am quite the bargain hunter, and I consider myself an expert when it comes to getting a good deal or making the most of my shopping dollars. But I actually learned a thing or two from this post from The Budget Fashionista! The most interesting tips to me are 6 and 8, the ones that involve different ways to stick to a budget. Rule 6 recommends having a special savings account for shopping and only using that set amount each month (or week, or however long). I already have an account like that set up, but instead of being allowed to spend it, I use it as another savings account. But now I’m thinking maybe I should do the opposite! The rule says you can spend as much as you want of it, but when it’s gone, you’re done until next month. I tend to budget how much I should save and then use the rest, but I can see this working better!

Rule 8 is very similar, but refers to times you might need to buy a lot of stuff (Christmas, back to school, etc). You decide what your budget is and then put that amount onto a giftcard and spend only that amount. When the giftcard is exhausted, you’re done.

Such great tips! Go check them out!

PS I found this post while Googling blog posts on this past weekend’s Gilt City Sample Sale, which sucked! The music was great and the drinks were strong, luckily, because otherwise I would have been completely disgusted that I spent $10 on a ticket. The merchandise was disorganized, picked over, and no cheaper than it was on the site, plus a lot of it was damaged from the sale. And what was with those crazy B-horror movie rubber monster hands on sticks??? The pampering section was completely disorganized as well; I really wanted someone from Mizu to make my hair wavy, but they just had a few stylists working on people, no one standing in front to tell people to wait in a line or write their names down to get in line. Same for the facial people. The eye doctor guy would probably have been the same except no one wanted to go to him. Sad face.

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  1. ben says:

    better not lay a finger on that ING!!

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