Mini Gaga – a Double Whammy

mini gaga clothes
via Grazia

Is that mini meat dress made of prosciutto?

gaga barbie

gaga barbie

gaga barbie

gaga barbie
more at joonbug, via limbic thoughts

Barbie as Gaga! I think the red lace one is the best, because using the lace at such a small size makes it especially creepy and face/eye covering.

asian aging process
via yfrog

A sad truth in the life of an Asian woman. I can’t wait for the day I get my perm!!!

npr's wordle
via npr

After Obama’s speech last night, NPR asked for listeners’ opinions and comments on it and then made a wordle from their responses. Click the NPR link under the pic to see the different ones for Democrats and Republicans! They’re surprisingly similar, except for the mid-sized “blah” on the Republican one.

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