Maybe I can look like this

sophies revenge

I love the movie Sophie’s Revenge, starring Zhang Ziyi and super-cute Peter Ho and So Ji-sub as the hot one. Maybe I can use her costume as inspiration for my mask. Her character in the movie is how I picture myself in the hyper-stylized, extra-colorful version of my life that takes place in my head sometimes. She has an awesome apartment with ever-changing boldly patterned bedding; she can cook Chinese food; she’s clumsy (that’s more the real version of me than the idealized one); she channels her creativity and is successful at what she does; she gets to be on the Chinese equivalent of Oprah; her hair curls so perfectly and naturally. Sigh.

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One Response to Maybe I can look like this

  1. Amy says:

    Lady, you would love “I’m a Cyborg, but that’s OK.” It stars Rain and some other cute girl who I can’t remember right now.

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